Sustainable Building Practices

Dean Homes is committed to environmentally responsible building. We employ sustainable building practices like Built Green and Energy Star to craft resource efficient homes with third party verification that exceed building codes and provide years of healthy living, with minimum impact on our precious Northwest environment.


1. Careful Site Preparation - means taking measures to prevent soil compaction and contamination during the construction process. Some measures include:

  • Limiting grading to 15 feet overall, and balancing cut and fill throughout the process
  • No clearing and grading during wet weather periods
  • Limiting the use of heavy equipment to the building footprint and construction entrances

2. Strategic Landscape Designs - preserve native vegetation, use drought tolerant plants, and reuse plants and trees that require removal during the construction process.

3. Energy Star Heating/Cooling Equipment - assures significant energy savings and higher performance overall. The upgrade includes 90% AFUE furnaces, advanced sealing of all ducts, and envelope inspection with duct testing by a third party verifier.

4. 3-Zone Heating System - with separate zones for sleeping and living areas, and programmable thermostats allow you to regulate the temperature in different parts of the home depending upon your activity.

5. High Performance Windows - increase energy efficiency by providing natural lighting, protective U-factors, and ventilation to help maintain the desired temperature of your home.

6. Gas Fired Hot Water System - is cleaner and costs less to operate than alternative energy sources. When burned natural gas does not emit sulfur dioxide or other harmful waste into the atmosphere.

7. PSE Green Power - all of our homes are enrolled in Puget Sound Energy's Green Power Program which means 50% to 100% of the power consumed by our homes comes from a renewable energy source such as wind or solar.

8. Energy Star Appliances - have been field tested to use 50% less energy then standard appliances. This helps to reduce annual utility bills and increase overall energy conservation.

9. Energy Star Light Fixtures - use compact fluorescent light bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs. These save 500 pounds of coal over the life of each bulb.

10. Dual Flush Toilets - allow you to choose long or short flushes for solid or liquid waste and use up to 26% less water.

11. Specialized Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet/Shower Heads - use less than 2.5 gpm to significantly reduce water usage.

12. Infiltration System for Rooftop Run Off  - receives storm water from roof downspout drains to provide water for irrigation.

13. Use of Non Toxic/Low VOC Materials - including cleaners, adhesives, sealants, paints, and finishes, especially for the largest surfaces like walls and floors, prevents harmful chemicals from being released into your home and the atmosphere.

14. Prevent Mold and Allergens - by protecting materials from exposure to moisture during construction, using low pile carpets and ceramic tile for flooring, and providing controlled ventilation throughout your home. Furnace and ducts are cleaned thoroughly just prior to owner move in.

15. A Front Porch - allows for safe and visible access along with a sheltered area to clean off shoes and clothing before entering, to prevent the transfer of pollutants into the home.

16. Superior Sealing - using a sloped sill pan with end dams and back dams for all windows, back dams for all exterior doors exposed to the weather, and metal flashing at all windows and doors, provides a superior seal against moisture damage.

17. Job Site Recycling - 98.79% of the construction debris on our job sites is recycled for reuse.

18. Use of Materials Made with Recycled Content - means less waste and higher performing products for our homeowners. Construction supplies made with recycled content are stronger and longer lasting, improving sustainability while saving our land fills.

4 Star Built Green   Northwest Energy Star Approved      PSE - Green Power Program  

Cougar Lodge
Dean Homes has recently completed a large scale green building project under the direction of Sustainability PATH.

By using current scientific research to maximize the efficiency of the building envelope and the internal systems while keeping a tight control on the cost to performance ratio we were able to create a very efficient single family home on a grand scale not often seen in luxury home building. By employing techniques often associated with commercial projects to meet the demanding standards of the client, this home supports insulating values that are significantly higher than code or any current single family certification program.