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Dean Homes will provide a skilled objective look at your project, partner with you at any stage, and offer options and solutions to lead your project to an effective completion. From site selection, design inputs, framing and pre-cover walks, and final walk-throughs, we can strategically evaluate and provide value to you and your building project. With services ranging from basic finish inspections to acting as third party resource for managing your project, Dean Homes will create value and insure that your building experience is a successful one.

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Distressed Property Recovery

Dean Homes specializes in taking control of a project at any phase of construction and managing it to completion quickly and cost effectively to stabilize and recover the value of the property.

From bank-owned real estate, distressed properties, foreclosures, or construction management changes, we have the team and the experience to step in and get up to speed fast, implement effective construction budgeting, management and marketing to turn a difficult situation into a successfully completed project.

We are focused on preserving and increasing the value of distressed real estate assets controlled by financial institutions or investors. Stalled projects face unique challenges with exposure not only to weather and vandalism, but also to potential liability stemming from emergent defects. We will develop and execute a comprehensive strategic plan to stabilize a distressed single or multi-family property, mitigate loss, and work towards recovering the value to the institution or individual.

Specifically Dean Homes, Inc. can:

  • Provide evaluation and inventory of distressed property condition
  • Identify and correct pre-existing defects, potential liability areas, and health and safety issues
  • Develop relevant marketing plans including product repositioning and assessment of final design specifications
  • Establish detailed budget forecasting and real time accounting updates
  • Reconcile open vendor invoices, solicit competitive bidding and negotiate vendor pricing, and secure cost effective contracts to mitigate exposure to price increases
  • Obtain critical lien waiver releases over the course of the project
  • Set up insurance and wrap-up policy requirements to protect the institution and investors
  • Develop a formal building schedule for the project and provide updates for the duration
  • Coordinate with municipality building departments to identify deficient obligations, ensure code compliance, and complete items necessary for the Certificate of Occupancy
  • Implement sustainable building practices into your project including Built Green, Energy Star, and the NAHB National Green Building Programs
  • Position the property for disposal through targeted advertising, realtor selection, accurate MLS exposure, and staging services
  • Manage the project from existing state through completion and sale

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Feasibility Studies

Dean Homes will work with you to determine the viability of your project. We can provide a site specific evaluation of your subject property, whether a purchase for remodel or a new construction site. We can coordinate with owners and agents to bring together the necessary information for you to make an informed decision on your investment. Using a combination of our civil engineers, soils experts, permit coordinators, and budgeting and marketing specialists we can bring together a concise assessment of the site and help you evaluate if and how it would meet your objectives. Contact us today for a no obligation meeting to discuss the potential of your next construction project.

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What our clients are saying.

"In order to understand the quality of a Dean Home, we must first acknowledge Dean as the builder. He truly understands the art of customer service. We appreciate the fact that he is constantly available for even the minutest of details, and is of course true to his responsibility of a newly built home. We have come to trust and value Deanís judgment and honesty. Dean you have truly built a quality home. From your intricate and incredibly organized wiring to your fine hardware material, your house embodies quality and class. You have used the finest materials for millwork, kitchens and bedrooms. Your landscaping design is true to the natural beauty of the surrounding woods..."
- The Egraris

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